An iStory

An iStoryiKnowSays: Let Jesus reformat your Heart Drive and get Jesus inside!

iM not Sure ” Says: But I will lose all my programs and the way I always boot my day. iDont think that would be fun.

iKnowSays: Jesus Christ will give you an upgrade for your iLife and the latest Operating System. The one you have right now has a lot of bugs and it’s causing your hardware (body) to wear out. Once you do it, you will perform much faster without having to work so hard and you will know what real peace and joy is.

iM not Sure “ Says: Well that is true. iDo have some problems with myself and even iGot some viruses.

iKnowSays: You thought that because you were a running Mac OS you didn’t get any viruses? Well without Jesus you do. But hey, you can rejoice because God’s Gears Online Store has a Free offer today!

iM not sure “ Says: Really, and what is that?

iKnowSays: Accept Jesus inside and He will give you the latest Software Updates and brand new hardware for FREE!! If any of your parts are damaged (sick) He will replace them! (Heal them) And if you accidentally deleted important files on your iLife, like iHappy, iSmile, iLaugh, iSuccess, or iWealth, He will restore them!

iM not sure “ Says: Wow! What is the name of that offer? Please email me the link!

iKnowSays: It is called The Max Word Pro! and you can find it here: http:// John 1:12

LOL iLove Jesus! –The iPastor

PS… Let Jesus reformat your Heart Drive and get Jesus inside! Free hardware is available! (Healing)


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